For Taxpayers:

If you need assistance with your personal filings, we can team with your current tax preparer to make sure you are in compliance.  

If you do not have a preparer or would prefer we handle the paperwork, we can also assist.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • The reporting of investments outside the US

  • Retiring outside the US

  • The reporting of foreign rental properties

  • Foreign investment in US real estate

  • Foreign nationals living in the US 

For Professionals:

Here are some of the common ways our clients utilize our skills:

- Attending client planning meetings

- Brainstorming with tax firms on how to approach a client's issues

- Working with compliance staff to review tax filings

Note: all meetings are conducted via Zoom and can be easily booked on this website.

Some of the current issues we are dealing with: 


  • US businesses with international expansion 

  • US businesses dealing with the §250 Foreign Derived Intangible Income deduction (FDII) or the §951A Global Intangible Low-Tax Income Inclusion (GILTI)  

Below is a PDF on how I work with tax firms.

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